Repairs & Modifications

Parts of guns get broken from time to time, firing pins and springs have a finite life and sometimes need to be replaced. Other moving parts, or those subject to stress and strain simply wear out over time.

These issues need not mean that the end is nigh for your firearm; parts can usually be sourced and fitted at a reasonable cost, bringing your gun back to life again and even if the parts required are no longer available from the manufacturer, replacements can often be made from scratch in our Gunsmith’s Workshop. The image at the top of this page shows a BSA Martini Action Firing Pin Guide Bush made from scratch to replace the shattered original part

If something about your gun is bothering you, or it’s just not quite right; for instance, a gritty trigger pull or a lazy ejector, these things can invariably be improved by the individual attention of our Gunsmith and again, the cost might be a pleasant surprise…

So let us quote you for your next repair or modification, you can get in touch here