The Indoor Shooting Range

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The Hutton Range is our 25m, 5-lane Indoor Shooting Range. This superb range was originally built for the US Navy SEALS in the 1990s and was fully refurbished in 2013 by Landrail Firearms. Following the refurbishment, the Range Safety Certificate for the Hutton Range was issued upon inspection by the National Small Bore Rifle Association.
We can accommodate up to 10 shooters per session and shoot at fixed, moving, turning and reactive targets from distances between 10m and 25m.


The Club Room

Immediately adjacent to the Range, The Club Room is our ante-room for waiting shooters, this is where Machrihanish Gun Club meet-up for their regular shoots, hence the name. A caged firearm storage area known as “the fumble zone” sits between the Club Room and the Range itself. CCTV monitors show live range activity while a library of gun magazines, a dart board and and a full-sized pool table provide additional entertainment. Hot and cold refreshments and a well-stocked Tuck Shop complete the creature-comforts.

The Targets

We shoot standard paper targets for practice and competitions but the range is also equipped with Dynamic Turning Targets , a Dueling Tree and other special targets too

Booking a Shooting Session

The Range is open to individual members of the general public, shooters do not need any special licenses and need only comply with the Home Office rules by being able to make the following declaration.

You are not prohibited from possessing a firearm or ammunition by virtue of Section 21 of The Firearms Act 1968 (as amended) and that you have never been refused a Firearm or Shotgun certificate or had either revoked by any Police Authority. You are further declaring that you are not currently the subject of any investigation or prosecution by the Police or Firearms Licensing Authorities, nor are you aware of any such impending action.

Clubs, Groups and Organisations can also book the Range for private events