SOLD: Anschutz / SWFA Outfit

A delighted customer recently collected his new .22 rimfire outfit based on the superb Anschutz Deluxe Thumbhole stocked Match 64 rifle. The brief for this rifle was that it should be light, short and handy, accurate and reliable. At just 14″ without a moderator, no one could accuse the Anschutz of having too long a barrel!¬† The palm swell and well thought-out stock complement the classic Match trigger and just begs to be snapped to the shoulder for quick reaction shots.

The optic of choice  was to be a good quality fixed 10 power scope with parallax adjustment Рthis requirement was due to the dual-purpose use the outfit is going to have. The owner wanted the gun to be an efficient vermin control tool as well as a capable target rifle for use as a member of Machrihanish Gun Club. A basic aluminium moderator keeps the weight down as well as the noise levels.

Here’s the end result:

The scope that fits the bill perfectly is the excellent “SWFA SS 10×44 with rear parallax” seen here nestling snugly on top of the Anschutz:

This scope features brilliant glass and an crisp reticule, the excellent build quality and ruggedness are obvious when you get your hands on one, but the real surprise come when you take a look through the scope in low light – the image just “pops” like a scope costing 3 or 4 times as much – a real gem.

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