News from The Workshop: GSG 1911 Tactical – Bridge Mount Fixed!

We recently sold a GSG 1911 Tactical LBP to a Machrihanish Gun Club member who noticed after a couple of shooting sessions that the pistol’s slide was rubbing on the inside of the bridge mount that holds his red dot sight. Upon stripping the gun down and inspecting both it and the mount, we found that nothing was bent, badly mounted or distorted in any way – there simply wasn’t enough clearance.

So it was off to the workshop to rectify the situation…

On the Milling Machine


The bridge mount was clamped upside down in a vice on the milling machine and a long-reach boring bar in the Kuroda boring head was set-up in the horizontal spindle.

Once everything was lined-up, a couple of swift passes and…




After machining





An extra .040″ of clearance was machined into the underside of the bridge.












The finished Job after refitting the mount.

A healthy clearance now exists above the slide – better accuracy should be gained and the slide finish won’t get marred by rubbing.

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