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5-Year Anniversary Offers – NOW ENDED!

Landrail Firearms and Machrihanish Gun Club reached a significant anniversary in 2019.

It is 5 years since the doors opened to the gun shop, range and gunsmith’s workshop at our facility on the MACC business park near Campbeltown. To celebrate this achievement we are holding an invitation only promotion event for the last 5 weeks of 2019.

All current offers will be shown in our new online store – these will be updated regularly so please check back often.

If you have received an invitation card for this event, simply bring it with you to our facility or contact us by phone or email to redeem your chosen offer.

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NEWS FROM THE WORKSHOP: New Rotary Table arrives in the Gunsmith’s Workshop

I’ve been on the lookout for a medium sized, well-made,  rotary table with indexing for a while now and eventually the right one came along at a fair price.

A West German “Walter” horizontal / vertical, 10″ table with 120:1 gearing, good brakes and an indexing plate recently found its way to the workshop. This fine rotary table will join the family of high-quality engineering tools we’ve accumulated over the last couple of decades or so.

As is often the case with second-hand tools, the table had suffered some abuse and neglect in the past but, due mainly to its fantastic build-quality and extremely sturdy construction (it weighs just under 60Kg / 1cwt), it was able to be refurbished to like-new condition with just 20 hours of work and a couple of new small parts.

The table had received an “apprentice paint job” and been over-painted with a Hammerite type paint many years ago. Fortunately it hadn’t been properly cleaned beforehand and the lack of preparation meant that the new paint was not fully adhered; so a couple of hours with wire brushes and scrapers revealed the original Walter signature RAL green colour in pretty good nick, especially considering the table is at least 25 years old. Internally, the mechanism was found to be in mint condition – the massive precision-scraped main thrust bearing inside the base of the casting is untouched and the worm and wheel show absolutely no signs of use at all. The only real fault was that the worm engagement control had been over-ridden at some time and its sacrificial shear-pin screw was snapped – the broken screw was drilled out and replaced during reassembly. All the lubricated areas were found to be glazed with old oil and a little surface corrosion was present on the unprotected areas but a good dose of elbow grease, solvent and light oil quickly sorted both of these issues. There is a neoprene seal under the table rim,  designed to keep swarf and debris out of the oil sump and even this was found to be in good nick.

Once all the parts were cleaned, inspected and oiled, reassembly was a relatively straightforward job. The main 3″ diameter radial bearing and its journal (seen at the top, centre of the photo below) are as snug as you could possibly want and again exhibited no signs of use – they went together with that satisfying resistance so characteristic of large, close-tolerance plain bearings.

The Rotary Table’s components fully disassembled for cleaning and inspection

After the reassembly was complete and the sump was filled with a couple of pints of good oil, it was time to verify the Walter’s accuracy. I lugged the unit over to our 24″ square by 6″ thick granite surface table to do some precision measurements (60Kg is no problem for this heavy duty surface table). An Interapid .0001″ indicator mounted on a Mitutoyo dual column height gauge was employed to verify table flatness, radial and axial run-out, concentricity of the Morse Taper #3 center socket, movement under braking and backlash etc. No errors greater than two ten-thousandths of an inch (0.005mm) were detectable anywhere so after an hour’s inspection the table was declared ready for use. A pair of locating dogs were made to allow the table to lock into the tee-slots of the milling machine – these are good and snug, so no further set-up is needed except for super critical jobs.

As a first trial, a long awaited little workshop job eventually got done – my 10″ 4-jaw Pratt Burnerd chuck for the Cazeneuve lathe had never had a good fitting 3/8″ hex chuck key; but I had a nice 1/2″ one that was too hard to mill with High Speed Steel and grinding it had always seemed more trouble than it was worth. I mounted a 5C collet holder centrally on the Rotary Table, removed the T-bar from the chuck key and clamped the shaft in a 3/4″ 5C collet. After clocking one flat of the key to align it correctly to the zero degree mark on the table, a 12mm 3-flute carbide end mill made short work of turning the 1/2″ hex into a 3/8″ hex – the sharp corners were then milled off by rotating the table against the cutter  – no chatter, no vibration no drama.  The key was tried in the chuck and fitted first time – another little job off the list!

Just the right size for our Omniveral Mill

Hard-milling the hex-key

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IN THE MEDIA: Shooting Scotland Magazine September 2019

We are back in print again in Shooting Scotland Magazine.

This high quality magazine covers all aspects of Shooting in Scotland and we are contributing a series of articles entitled “The Gun Workshop” covering all aspects of gunsmithing. The current article appears on pages 40-41 in the September 2019 issue and is all about the machines you might find in a Gunsmith’s Workshop. You can read an online copy of the magazine here.

Please consider supporting this fine publication by taking out a subscription for yourself or someone else as a gift.

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NEWS FROM THE RANGE: Campbeltown Pensioners’ Target Shooting Visit – July 2019

Campbeltown’s “Retired not Expired” charity group made another trip to the Hutton Range in late July. Various last-minute difficulties and prior commitments conspired to make the group somewhat smaller than usual, but the six shooters who attended all had a great time and shot very well.

A brief talk on the history, equipment and role of the Sniper got everyone in the mood for some marksmanship (and markswomanship) before the range session and Paula laid-on a tasty spread of free refreshments to keep the shooters’ energy levels up whilst they put several hundred rounds down-range during their 4-hour shooting session.

Lesley from Campbeltown earned the Ladies top prize with a consistent performance averaging just over 86 points while Jeff from Gigha took home the honours for the Gents with a remarkable 97.8 average.

Thanks go to Michele and her team for doing a great job organising the group – we look forward to seeing you again in a few weeks.

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SOLD: Anschutz / SWFA Outfit

A delighted customer recently collected his new .22 rimfire outfit based on the superb Anschutz Deluxe Thumbhole stocked Match 64 rifle. The brief for this rifle was that it should be light, short and handy, accurate and reliable. At just 14″ without a moderator, no one could accuse the Anschutz of having too long a barrel!  The palm swell and well thought-out stock complement the classic Match trigger and just begs to be snapped to the shoulder for quick reaction shots.

The optic of choice  was to be a good quality fixed 10 power scope with parallax adjustment – this requirement was due to the dual-purpose use the outfit is going to have. The owner wanted the gun to be an efficient vermin control tool as well as a capable target rifle for use as a member of Machrihanish Gun Club. A basic aluminium moderator keeps the weight down as well as the noise levels.

Here’s the end result:

The scope that fits the bill perfectly is the excellent “SWFA SS 10×44 with rear parallax” seen here nestling snugly on top of the Anschutz:

This scope features brilliant glass and an crisp reticule, the excellent build quality and ruggedness are obvious when you get your hands on one, but the real surprise come when you take a look through the scope in low light – the image just “pops” like a scope costing 3 or 4 times as much – a real gem.

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SOLD: Browning X-Bolt / Sightron / Wildcat .243 outfit


This new Browning X-Bolt .243 outfit recently left us and went off to its new home.

The rifle features Browning’s “DuraCote” stock finish, has a 4-round rotary magazine and comes from the factory with a nicely bedded action.
The scope is a Sightron S-Tac 4-20×50 MOA SF mounted in 30mm Medium height Warne Rings.
A Wildcat Evolution Moderator takes care of keeping the muzzle noise down.

As is the norm here at Landrail, this outfit was supplied to the customer fully assembled and ready to shoot.

Prior to assembly the rifle was fully stripped, inspected, cleaned and properly lubricated. The bore was deep-cleaned, then polished with Butch’s Boreshine and the rifle was short-range zeroed ready for the customer to do his own final tweaks.


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News from The Workshop: GSG 1911 Tactical – Bridge Mount Fixed!

We recently sold a GSG 1911 Tactical LBP to a Machrihanish Gun Club member who noticed after a couple of shooting sessions that the pistol’s slide was rubbing on the inside of the bridge mount that holds his red dot sight. 

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NEWS FROM THE RANGE: Stag Group Shoot – July 2019

The Hutton Range hosted another successful Stag Celebration Shoot in Mid July. This one was organised by Mikaeil Mirzaali for his best mate Josh Parker and a group of their friends from around the UK. Sam Parker (Best Man), William Shrier, Paul Young, Thomas Ratcliffe-Law & Jack Hampton made up the rest of the group. These friends all met at Manchester University whilst studying for various degrees a few years ago and were on a whisky tour of Scotland as part of Josh’s Stag celebrations. Some good shooting was done on the day and the whole group went away very happy.
Congratulations Josh on your upcoming nuptials as well as on your choice of friends!

Many thanks to Machrihanish Gun Club members Gareth Parker and Craig Anderson for helping out as Range Assistants during the event and to Hugh & Rhonda at the Tin Roof Diner for feeding our guests before their shooting session.

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IN THE MEDIA: Shooting Scotland Magazine July 2019

We are delighted to announce that we’re in print in Shooting Scotland Magazine.

This high quality magazine covers all aspects of Shooting in Scotland and we are contributing a series of articles entitled “The Gun Workshop”. These articles will cover aspects of gunsmithing; the first in the series appears on pages 38-39 in the June – July 2019 issue and is all about threading barrels for moderators. You can read an online copy of the magazine here.

Please consider supporting this fine publication by taking out a subscription for yourself or someone else as a gift.

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WEBSITE UPDATE: Landrail Firearms Launches its New Website

Welcome to Landrail Firearms’ new home on the Web.

This is a completely new web site so please bear with us if not everything looks or works perfectly at the outset.

Our aim is that this site should become a useful and interesting resource for our customers and anyone else who browses it.

In the meantime, if you would like to get in touch with  a comment, a request or a question; please use our contact details on the Contact Us page – we’d really like to hear from you!